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We work collaboratively with business stakeholders to discover and design whole system solutions to scale and sustain your business. We apply rigorous systems thinking in all of our engagements identifying the most leveraged tangible and intangible drivers to achieve extraordinary results.


Leadership Advisory

Executive Leadership Coaching

As with all our clients, you are likely bright, talented and determined. Our coaching serves as a catalyst to unlock your gifts to achieve extraordinary success.

Leadership Coaching

Top Team Coaching

Leaders unified by a compelling vision purpose have an untouchable competitive advantage. We provide the structure, tools and insights to create high performing teams that accelerate results.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Programs

Our on-site or off-site programs elevate the collective leadership of an organization by tapping and unleashing the full potential of your most valuable asset your people.

Leadership Coaching
Leadership Coaching

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Leadership Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Leadership Coaching



What’s Most Important

To You?

As a leader, your decisions determine the outcomes for your career, your team, and your company. Let us help you turn opportunities into real results.

What is leadership coaching?


JohnPress Leadership Advisory exists, in short, to help you scale your leadership effectiveness to create extraordinary results. Our goal is to help our clients leverage relationships, powerful inquiry and powerful insight to achieve short-term and long-term goals in their leadership roles. With a focus on leadership development, strategy and organizational design our advisors employ leading-edge thinking, enduring performance principles and a suite of proven tools that deliver a significant return on your investment.


Our leadership coaching challenges you to work outside of your comfort zone, stretching yourself and discovering strengths that you may not fully appreciate. We do this by understanding your vision and aspirations, thoroughly assessing your current context and identifying opportunities for development and sustainable growth. From there we design a tailored coaching program that leverages “real time” scenarios to take action and get results immediately.


If you are ready to chart a new course and rise up while growing personally, our advisors are ready to visit with you. Call us for an exploratory conversation to find out if leadership coaching is right for you and your business.  

What makes you stand out from other leadership coaches?

Busy leaders do not have the time for a one size fits all solution of best practices, principles or fads, they want all sizes fit one solutions that leverages all the wisdom, intellectual capital and industry experience in a custom-tailored solution for their most pressing matters. Our leadership coaching is unique because our advisors are trained and experienced in creating an impactful, meaningful and valuable coaching experience in less time and energy. Our advisors are also deeply experienced in using our proprietary 8 Gate Matrix™ methodology, a universal coaching approach that generates deeply transformative insights and actions in minutes versus hours.

Do you do one-on-one coaching?

Yes! Approximately 50% of our practice is focused on individual work. The extraordinary success of our one-one-one coaching engagements clearly demonstrate that individualized attention from our coaches helps you take full advantage of your leadership role or other opportunities you are pursuing,

One-on-one coaching is also available in our leadership programs. Participants in our programs improve their overall leadership effectiveness individually and collectively, creating an untouchable competitive advantage in the market place.


Do you offer group coaching?

Yes! Unless you are working at a very small company, there are many folks in leadership collaborating to make a business vision a reality.  With leadership team coaching, everyone is strategically aligned, communicating with candor and executing with deep trust.  We also help you address and leverage conflict to create breakthroughs within the team, employees and those you are in partnership with.


What other services do you provide?


Business Coaching:

Our programs also extend beyond just leadership coaching. We offer consulting services to fully maximize the strengths of your business and leverage weak spots or other gaps in productivity to accelerate growth. All of our solutions and expertise are designed specifically to help your business sustainably scale. 


Leadership Accelerator Program:

You want to grow as a leader, but your role is pulling you in a million different directions. We understand that management is a demanding job, which is why we offer our Leadership Accelerator program. This specialized course sets you on the path to improved leadership in hours versus days and months.


Ambient Leadership:

Not everyone is a leader however everyone can bring demonstrate effective leadership. This program helps you unlock the full potential of leadership to become more competitive, more effective and to sustainably scale. 


High Performance Teamwork:

For any business endeavor to thrive, collaboration is key. Our High Performance Teamwork program focuses specifically on cultivating team effectiveness via compelling communication, deep trust and courageous conflict to accelerate results.




No matter where you are in the world, we can work with you to improve your leadership skills and the growth of your business. We have the ability to deliver our services onsite, or via video conference or telephone.


What do I need to focus on to grow? 


Our leadership coaching covers a broad range of skills and mindsets that we have seen are imperative to successful leadership. We help each individual evaluate their leadership, career, financial, business, health, and relationship goals. We work on development of greater self-awareness in all of these areas, which will help you grow and succeed in these fields and more.


Could my organization or business benefit from leadership training?


Absolutely. Every business, no matter how well run, can benefit from leadership coaching. The most helpful way to learn and grow is to have an unbiased third party enter in and highlight strengths, opportunities for development and offer perspective on how to grow from relationships to the technical aspects of your business.  The best investment you can make is the one you make in yourself and your team. 


How will leadership coaching benefit my team?


Every team has one thing in common: it is made up of people. This is good, because when collaboration takes place among different types of workers, beautiful things can happen. However, a team of different personalities and working styles can result in many challenges. When you take advantage of a coaching partnership, you will see the teamwork within your organization blossom along with bottom line results.

JohnPress’s leadership coaching doesn’t only focus on the business and management side of things. We know having a team that can work together with healthy partnerships, mutual respect, and a clear vision is vital to the life of any business. We are excited to collaborate with you to see your company flourish.


How do I get started?

Call now to schedule an exploratory and discovery conversation where we’ll discuss your goals, challenges, and opportunities for development.




Leadership Advisory

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Leadership Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Leadership Coaching