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Timothy Johnpress

Timothy Johnpress

Since 1997, Tim JohnPress has been a trusted advisor to executives, elite teams, and high-growth business owners helping them identify opportunities and leverage challenges to scale their leadership effectiveness and businesses. An enduring student of humanity his relationship-driven, Socratic approach to working with clients has helped hundreds of executives, business owners, and athletes achieve their next level. Tim’s unique background of electrical engineering coupled with lifelong self-actualization studies and 35 years of martial arts teaching offers clients the right balance of pragmatic activity and enlightening inquiry. His clients appreciate his down-to-earth professionalism and “no-fluff”, collaborative coaching style that leads to co-authored, actionable solutions and extraordinary results.

Tim has designed, led and coached multi-year engagements on integral leadership, integral strategy, high-performance teamwork, business optimization and organizational transformation. His clients include executive leaders at Google, MasterCard, The University of Notre Dame, Dolby Labs, Marriott, Microsoft, Honda, The University of Texas, MD Anderson, VF, Cancer Treatment Centers of America and National Instruments in addition to working with law firms and small businesses.

Tim served as Field Engineer for Astronautics Corporation managing the operation and performance of the U.S. military’s top secret communication systems in Central Texas. Additionally, Tim worked as an engineer in the high tech sector for several years designing integrated circuits for companies such as Motorola and technology startups. From 2001-2005 Tim was a featured leadership and coaching columnist for the Austin Business Journal.

Tim earned an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering, is a graduate of Coach University and holds certifications in numerous coaching disciplines. Additionally, he is a Master Level instructor in multiple eastern disciplines including the martial arts of Tae Kwon Do, Tukong Moosul, Integral Yoga and Ipsun Tai Chi. His hobbies also include restoring vintage muscle cars, gardening and writing. He and his wife make their home in the Austin, Texas area where they enjoy working, training and raising their daughter Aliyah.

Tova Johnpress

Tova Johnpress

A seasoned Leadership Consultant, Executive Coach and Business Owner, Tova has spent the last 15+ years working with C-Suite leaders and top teams. Most recently she has dedicated full time efforts to coaching Presidents and CEO’s inviting rigorous levels of inquiry, maturity and ownership to guide decision making and influence others. After decades of contemplation and deep personal inquiry, she feels called now more than ever to help others identify and transcend background drives that limit their efficacy and impact. She believes as individuals awaken to their greater potential, they must reevaluate who they are, what they are doing and why; that when leaders and establishments become fully awake to their impact on the world and engage in this ongoing inquiry over time, relationships, organizations and the planet flourish. She holds space for the bold, radically candid, compassionate conversations that often must materialize as a means to this end.

A lifelong student of humanity, Tova’s passion and the central focus of her life has been how human beings grow and develop in wisdom and personal effectiveness. Her grounded presence, keen intuition and razor-sharp focus is unparalleled and enables her to get to the root of things expeditiously, finding ways for clients to be open to change even when presented with the most challenging circumstances. Her unwavering commitment to wake consciousness on the planet to ignite transformation in service of the greater good generates leaders, teams and organizations that craft extraordinary and sustainable bottom-line results. 

Tova provides coaching, consulting and facilitation services. She is certified in the 360 Leadership Circle Profile™ and the Leadership System™. Additionally, she is co-creator and facilitator of The 8 Gate Matrix™ a coaching platform designed to elevate the coaching industry to generate more valuable and impactful client results. A sampling of Tova’s clients includes Google, Thor Industries, Airstream, Pixar Animation, Quicken Loans, Honda, Wells Fargo, Cypress Point Wealth Management, Luminex Corporation, Texas Reliability Entity, Notre Dame EMBA Program, The University of Texas Medical Science Center San Antonio, and various prestigious law firms in the greater Dallas area. 

Prior to her coaching career, Tova graduated summa cum laude with her BA in Psychology from Wheaton College in 1989. After completing her training at The New England Center for Autism in Framingham, MA she dedicated her early twenties to educating and managing severely autistic adolescents and adults. In her thirties, as a certified muscular and massage therapist she ran a successful full-time private practice. Her home base is in Austin, TX where she lives with husband Tim and daughter Ally.



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